Maximise your talents, leverage your strengths and realise your potential.

We all have talents, and when we identify our talents and invest time in them, our talents become powerful strengths that help us to be successful and stand out.

Name It! Claim It! Aim It!

Strengths-based development and decision making start with naming, claiming and aiming your most dominant CliftonStrengths. 

  • Name It! – Understand your strengths profile and identify what these themes mean to you. Ask: How do I pinpoint what I do best?
  • Claim It! – Know and accept your talents and appreciate your unique power and value. Ask: What unique contributions can I make?
  • Aim it! – Turn your talents into strengths and intentionally use your strengths and develop them to build career and brand success. Ask: How can I use my talents to accomplish what is most important to me?

As a Certified CliftonStrengths Practitioner I have chosen to use this assessment for the past five years for its simplicity, practical application and impact. It’s been an absolute game-changer for my clients, many of which describe reading the report as ‘relief’. Relief to celebrate and unapologetically own what they are brilliant at while giving themselves permission to avoid what is not a Strength. 

Through your Strengths reports you know why you love certain tasks, what you need to be doing to be in the flow, and what you need to delegate or strategically navigate because it’s not your strength and takes a lot of effort to complete. Once you know what to dial up (Strengths) you can resourcefully navigate your weaknesses (Lesser Strengths) and thrive by doing what you love. 

Visit the Gallup CliftonStrengths to learn more. 



If you're looking for a coach who challenges your thinking, while showing compassion and commitment to your growth, and you're ready to put in the work, Janine is the right coach for you!
Nicole Graham
Chief Executive Officer
Rebecca Donnellan
Group Senior Sustainability Manager
Janine is an amazing coach, her ability to pull together a wide range of ideas and distill concepts down to their essence is incredible. You are world class, thank you Janine!
Margaret Yeung
Global Brand Strategist
Emma Bryan
Senior Sourcing Leader
Janine put buzz back in to my career, and gave me the confidence to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations that I would usually shy away from. She also challenged me and gave me great tools that enabled me to understand my working style better, and be more adaptable
Alycia Brady
Managing Director
Dina Angelucci


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