A Frog A Day – Palatable Productivity

Get it done and stop procrastinating!

No rocket science here, a protein-packed breakfast sets you up for the day. Eat that frog. Seriously, this slimy little sucker is the first thing you want to consume in your working day to cultivate productivity. It’s worked for me and hundreds of my clients over a decade, and it will work for you too.

Eat that frog

The proverbial frog is your hardest, sneakiest, indigestible to-do item that you have been avoiding like the plague. You consume that bad boy first thing in the morning and the rest of the day feels like you are freewheeling downhill on a summers day.
The sheer amount of time and energy we invest in avoiding the to-dos that we find challenging could be much better spent doing work we love and excel at, growing our network with coffee meetings, having space to innovate, or upskilling your team to make life easier and more impactful.

Become Productive in 3 Simple Steps 

Step 1: Identify your frog

I like to identify my frogs on a Friday afternoon for the following week. I put a target on the backs of five frogs and lovingly name them a different day of the working week. I also spend time doing some preparation to ensure I have what I need to take action on the given day for each of them. No excuse mindset! 

TIP:  Let people know not to disturb you during this regular ‘meal time’ and proactively combat any distractions upfront!

Step 2: Consume your frog (and happy dance)

It’s Monday morning, I walk into my office, turn my phone to silent, lay out the items I need to eat today’s frog successfully, take a big deep breathe, chew and swallow! It’s a deep dig moment, but the payoff is the relief and pride you feel the moment it’s completed. Time to do a (private) happy dance and celebrate your grit and power! 

TIP: If a happy dance doesn’t meet your level of celebration, hold off on having your first cup of coffee until post frog consumption and head out into the sunshine for a walk and celebratory treat!

Step 3: Use frog fuel to power through your day

If you are capable of eating a slimy, wriggling frog by 9.30am in the morning what can’t you do?! The world is your oyster! Dive in and tackle those oh-so-easy tasks and clear that desk!

TIP: Have on a hand a second list of to-do items that are prioritised so you can focus immediately on the first thing and get cracking. It’s all about productivity!

Rinse and repeat the next day, including the weekend! This isn‘t a work only strategy; it can move mountains in your personal life too!

Want to deep dive into this concept? Check out Brian Tracey’s bestselling book: Eat That Frog! https://www.amazon.com/Eat-That-Frog-Second-Procrastinating/dp/0792754840

Bon Appetite!


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