Let’s activate the high performer within you

Today’s ever changing business world is no joke.

You're facing more demands than ever.

You're expected to do it all: achieve more with less, lead with expertise while guiding your team, and avoid burnout.

Maintaining high performance while juggling a gazillion balls is challenging…

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Turning into a high performing leader comes down to 3 defining traits:

Better, faster, and more efficient.

Better –

Picture your ideal scenario, then spot the gaps and map out your winning strategy. It boils down to getting crystal clear, setting up goals, beefing up those skills and mindsets and making sure you’re on the hook for taking action.

Faster –

Get yourself geared up and primed to pounce when opportunity knocks. Learn the art of playing to your strengths, knowing when to pass the baton, and picking the right playbook for decision-making. Figure out your leadership style for different scenarios. Remember: preparation is your royal key, knowledge fuels your power. And speed? Well, that comes from mastering both.

More efficient –

To really get things done, you've gotta zoom out, give yourself room to think, strategize like a champ, make decisions that stick, maneuver past obstacles like a pro, and talk the talk that moves mountains.

Dina A

Executive Director Housekeeping, Hotels

“Janine is a hard task master who will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone, enabling you to understand who you are. Janine gave me the confidence I needed in myself and the tools to help me become a better leader.”

Strengths and high performance

Becoming a certified Gallup CliftonStrengths Practitioner was a no brainer for me as I’m all about taking charge. Mastering the art of playing to your strengths while owning up to your weaknesses and figuring out how to work around them like a boss.

No more excuses, just high-performance vibes. We've all got our strengths and weaknesses, but what sets the top dogs apart is knowing how to ride the wave of strengths, grow those talents into power moves, and gracefully maneuver through the rough patches when we're stuck doing stuff that's not exactly our jam.

Name It! Claim It! Aim It!

Strengths-based development and decision-making start with naming, claiming and aiming your most dominant Clifton Strengths.

Name It!

Understand your strengths profile and identify what these themes mean to you. Ask: How do I pinpoint what I do best?

Claim It!

Know and accept your talents and appreciate your unique power and value. Ask: What unique contributions can I make?

Aim it!

Turn your talents into strengths and intentionally use your strengths and develop them to build career and brand success. Ask: How can I use my talents to accomplish what is most important to me?

Individual vs Team Strengths for High Performance

At The Power Station, we dig deep into your strengths, whether you're a solo player, a leader, or part of a team. Why? Because that’s step 1 for unlocking your high-performance potential.

Ready to dive in? Connect with us to learn more about our executive coaching and high-performance coaching services.

Thomas Edison

“If we did the things, we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.”

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Career Strategy

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As we welcome in the new decade with open arms (I don’t know anyone not happy to see the back of 2019) now is the time to plan.

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